How to order?

How can I pay?

To buy Bitcoin by your credit card or PayPal you can use this website:

Step 1:

  • click on the “ADD TO CARD ” button.

  • then click on the CHECKOUT button.


Step 2:

  • fill out the form.

Step 3:

  • Click on ” PAY  With ALFACOIN ” button.

Step 4:

  • you can pay by copy the Bitcoin address and pay the Bitcoin manually

  • or you can use your mobile to scan the photo if you have the Bitcoin APP.

Step 5:

  • after you send the Bitcoin successfully you will see this page.
  • wait 2-3 minutes then open this link: Downloads”


Step 6:

  • you can download the file from the link

  • if you can not see the download link, please wait more time  for bitcoin confirmation

Note :

  • you can download the file anytime by log in your account and click the download button.

  • you will receive an email with the download link  ” please check your spam inbox”